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Chicago Deep COLD Freeze kept me Busey in 2016. 
I had Channel 5NBC News Journalist Regina Waldroup reach out to me for a few Question.

**Ruiz Garage Door Inc**
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*New Ruiz Garage Door Carriage House Doors /w Castle Rock Hardware an Arch Stockton windows.

*** New Liftmaster Elite Opener Model# 8550 w/ back-up battery, wifi, MyQ Technology, HomeLink, Remotes, Smart wall buttons, and Keyless Entry Pad.

ruiz garage door ruiz garage door
Garage Door Opener

ruiz garage door

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Ruiz Garage Door, Inc.
Taking down hit overhead garage door
Ruiz Garage Door Repalcements

ruiz Garage Door
Ruiz Garage Door
Ruiz Garage Door, Inc.
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Ruiz Garage Door
Ruiz Garage Door Inc - 
Garage Door Professionals
(773) 584-5616 
Master Technician
George Ruiz

Ruiz Garage Door

     Commercial Rolling Steel Door 

New Rolling steel door new rolling steel doornew rolling steel
Ruiz Garage Door Inc -
(773) 584-5616
Free Estimates

 Rolling Steel Carport add-on.

ruiz garage door

ruiz garage door

ruiz garage door

ruiz garage door

ruiz garage door

ruiz garage door

Ruiz Garage Door Inc -
(773) 584-5616
Free Estimates
ruiz garage doorA garage door opening is the largest moving object in your home. Insulated doors will help to reduce the transfer of heat or cold air into your garage. This is important for a number of reasons:

1) If your garage is attached to your home, air in the garage can travel through the doorway to your living area.  An insulated garage door will reduce the transfer of air from the outside to the inside.

2) If you use your garage as a workshop, your comfort will be a top priority.  An insulated garage door will help keep the temperature in the garage within a narrower temperature range as compared to the extreme range of the outside temperature.

3) If your garage is below another room in your home, air can travel through the ceiling of the garage into the floor of the room above. An insulated door will keep temperatures in the garage fairly stable to reduce the temperature fluctuation in the room above.

4) An insulated garage door is generally quieter and has a more attractive interior than a non-insulated door.
What is R-Value?
R-Value is a measure of thermal resistance used in the building and construction  industry. Specifically, R-value is thermal resistance to heat flow. Many manufacturers use R-values to show the energy efficiency of their product. This number is calculated based on the thickness of the insulation and its chemical properties.

The higher the R-value number, the better the insulating properties of the material. However, an R-16 value is not twice as good as an R-8 Value. R-16 does not offer twice as much thermal resistance or twice the energy savings of an R-8 value.  A value of R-16 offers a 5% reduction in heat flow and a 5% improvement  energy efficiency than a value of R-8, not 50%. 
ruiz garage door

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ruiz garage doorruiz garage door
(773) 584-5616
Free Estimates

Master Technician
George Ruiz

Ruiz Garage Door Professionals - 773 584-5616

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Commercial Jackshaft OperatorsCommercial & Residential 
Ruiz Garage Door, Inc.
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Ruiz Garage Door Aluminum Glass Panel Door
ruiz garage door

ruiz garage doorMicro-Grooved Commercial Overhead DoorOverhead Door Repair - Ruiz Garage Door Pro's - (773) 584-5616
Ruiz Garage Door - 2 
           Ruiz Garage Door, Inc. 
   (773) 584-5616
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Garage Door carriage house style Wood Custom Garage Door

Ruiz Garage Door, Inc.
(773) 584-5616
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 - Reframe Layout -

Ruiz Garage Door framing
Ruiz Garage Door FramingRuiz garage Door Framing

**$55 Off New Opener & $100 Off  New Door purchase** 
at Ruiz Garage Door, Inc.

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Ruiz Garage Door
ruiz garage doorruiz garage door

Ruiz Garage Door, Inc.
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Ruiz Garage Door, Inc. 
(773) 584-5616 Today's garages go far beyond a place to merely park your vehicle. They have evolved into a place for working on projects, fixing the car or kicking back with friends. At Ruiz Garage Door Your family's Safety is our #1 Goal, Our Trusted Professional will provide that peace of mind. We Offer FREE Safety checks w/ every FREE Estimate. Getting it right the first time every time. We Offer Complete Installation & Garage Door repair service whenever you need us for no EXTRA CHARGE. We are family Owned & Operated with Pride. We Only expect an use Ultra Quality Parts, High Standards assured. We recommend the C.H.I Overhead Door Brand of Quality & LiftMaster Professional Models. From The Ruiz Garage Door Family we Thank You again for your Trust and your Business!

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To Pick or Build your Garage Door, Then call Ruiz Garage Door with Model# or style & for Parts & Installation...

Garage door openers

Garage Door BrandGarage Door Brands


Ruiz Garage Door, Inc. 

•Multi-Function Smart Control Panel•  

Garage Door Panel ControlProvides time,
temperature and diagnostic information about your opener. Premium Remote control Illuminates with bright blue lights as your hand approaches. Unsurpassed Safety and Security all Ruiz Garage Door Openers are Installed by Garage Door Professionals & Are also Liftmaster manufactured with the highest level of safety and monitoring systems to ensure safe operation. TheProtector System safety sensors reverse the door automatically if the infrared beam is broken, before contact is made. Sensing technology will stop the door from closing if made with a person or  contact an object.  Security + Rolling code technology assures a new code is sent every time the remote is used . Opener light turns on automatically when
the safety infrared beam is broken. Enter without a key open your garage door without using a remote control and close with just the push of a button. Also can be programmed with a temporary entry code for friends and service people you can trust Ruiz Garage Door Experts.
Ruiz Garage DoorRuiz Garage Door Inc
(773) 584-5616
Free Estimates

ruiz garage door

Garage Door Opener ATS

Ruiz Garage Door 8550 Liftmaster back-up battery Model
Chamberlin Garage door opener with MyQ technology

Chamberlin Belt Drive MyQ Technology opener

LiftMaster Professional model 3255

Old Damaged Gear & Sprocket assembly
Ruiz Garage Door
(773) 584-5616

 Ruiz Garage Door Offers  variety of Openers like the New LiftMaster MyQ 8550:
DC battery backup Belt Drive Garage door opener, this garage door opener is in a class of its own. Get in your garage every time, even when the power is out.
The battery Backup System ensures your garage opener, as well as the safety and security features, will continue to work. Timer-to-close feature allows the door
to automatically close after a pre-programmed number of minutes. Energy-efficient operation consumes up to 75% less power in standby mode. Powerful DC motor belt drive system is durable, ultra-quiet and maintenance-free. Whole-garage lighting with dual-side 100-watt CFL bulb-compatible design. Ruiz garage Door Repair & Service we offer 5 year warrantys. MyQ
technology built-in pair it with our MyQ accessories so you can monitor and control your garage door and house lights with one click on your computer or smart phone from any where in the world.

Ruiz Garage Door
Ruiz Garage Door Installation:

New Garage Door 2283 modelBalanced Commercial overhead door springs

C.H.I. Overhead door Aluminum Full view model 3295new construction Garage Door install

Amarr Garage Door long panel styleC.H.I. Overhead door Polyuerthane sandwich insulated door
Ruiz Garage Door
Ruiz Garage Door Repair Of Chicago:

Ruiz Garage Doors Our non-insulated,vinyl-back insulated, & Sandwich insulated steel 2" thick garage doors are all constructed of top quality materials, highly detailed raised panel, deep woodgrain texture and two coats prefinished paint system all combine to enhance the beauty of your Home. Standard Features 19-Gauge Metal hot dip galvanized steel construction provides superior strength
and durability.
Paint:1.0 MIL Paint System includes .25 mil rust inhibiting primer and .75 mil exterior top coat that resists fading and chalking while providing consistent color from panel to panel, and long life. Heavy-duty 14-guage steel hinges, Nylon rollers for a silent door, Tongue and groove meeting rails for superior strength and better sealing against wind, rain and snow from panel to panel. With a
 R-Value of 10.25 or 17.0 insulation for our insulated doors with CFC free expanded polystyrene, enviormentally friendly insulation that will not degrade with vibration or time.


Garage Door weather sealGarage Door Color 
& weather seal options:

White, Almond, Desert Tan,
Sandstone, Brown, or Forest Green.         

 Available windows designs. 

garage door windows
Carriage house Garage Door
full-view aluminim garage door

flush panel wood garage doorcommercial garage doors colors

carriage style garage doorlong panel style garage door

carriage style garage door

Ruiz Garage Door

Ruiz Garage Door Inc - Our Services     Will Impress You Because...
We take pride in our work our customers receive high-quality garage door services that are personalized to meet their needs. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week no matter what the situation (including emergencies), our
courteous, efficient staff will handle your service call in a professional manner. 

We offer free estimates and consultation, has your current garage door seen better days? Is it falling apart, making you and your family feel unsafe while operating it? Or maybe your house could use a face lift, with a new state-of-the-art garage door installed to fit the styling of your home while falling in line with your budget? If any of these scenarios sound familiar, let our experienced sales and installation team meet with you FOR FREE to help you choose the best make and model of 
garage door to suit your needs.

Once you have chosen the best garage door for your home, our installerswill arrange an appointment to replace your present door with your new one. The complete take down, removal and haul away of your old door is carried out and your new garage door is installed, on time within your budget. 

vinly back insulated garage door panel
Vinly back insulated garage door panel

New Construction Garage Door header and jamb frame up.Garage Door spring

Garage Door SpringsBroken garage door spring

    We guarantee our work for 5 years in addition to the excellent warranties that cover all of our products, we also offer a 1- 3 year parts and labor warranty. Having trouble with a broken spring? Is the motor malfunctioning? Whatever the issue, just give us a call. We've got you covered. 
Ruiz Garage DoorRuiz Garage Door, Inc. 

Same Day Service

We will be there, day or night, for as long as 
you need us with one of our comprehensive 
service plans, you can enjoy round-the-clock service coverage for your garage door as well as one annual checkup.

Ruiz Garage Door add- on's and Installation:
Hollow Garage DoorGarage door add-on                              
Garage Door add-onGarage door Reframe

  Ruiz Garage Installations:

Chicago garage door repairChicago garage door repair                  

Chicago garage door repair (after)Chicago garage door repair (before)

Ruiz Garage Door Spring Repair:

Chicago garage door repair
Chicago garage door repair
Ruiz Garage Service Entry Doors:

Garage door springChicago garage door repair

Ruiz Garage Door, Inc.
(773) 584-5616
FREE Estimates
Sales - Service - Installation

New Garage door before Garage door

After Garage doorgarage door installation

 Opener Installation:

New 16x7 Garage door
9x8 insulated garage door

Garage Service entry door wayInside Garage door windows

Garage door demoReframe Garage door add-on


New Garage Door Add-on and frameNew Garage Door add-on

Garage Door board up take downBoard Up garage door

New Garage Door Install

(2)single car Garage Ruiz Garage Door Installation:

New Garage DoorsOld wood Garage doors

ruiz garage door
New Back-up Battery Openers:

liftmaster Garage Opener

Sales · Service · Installation

Ruiz Garage DoorRuiz Garage Door, Inc.
(773) 584 - 5616

Master Technician:
George Ruiz

•Free Estimates•

Ruiz garage Door internet-tuneup

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