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Ruiz Garage Door Tips: 

A light oil coating on galvanized parts such as rollers, hinges and tracks will help prevent corrosion and surface rust from forming. Remember that the rollers are meant to "roll" in the tracks, not to slide in them. It is for this reason, we recommend not to use grease in the tracks. Make sure you remove the old grease before applying the new, in the case that is all that you have on hand. 

Garage Door Springs

When it comes to the torsion springs, Ruiz Garage Door pro's Highly Recommend to spread Ultra Lube over the surface and wipe away any excess. The damper the area you live, the more often this procedure is recommended. This simple trick will help to prolong the life of your overhead door's torsion springs and ensure they work properly. 

Remember to carefully inspect the cables as well to detect any signs of fraying (due to normal usage). The bracket assembly is under high tension, so for your own safety, never attempt to adjust it yourself. Open and close the door manually. If the garage door is equipped with a motor, deactivate the mechanism to operate the door manually.

ruiz Garage Door

A well-balanced door weighs only 8 to 15 Ibs. If the door seems heavier than that to you, it could be due numerous thing such as: a decompressed spring, Broken Spring, a loose cable, a broken roller or a warped track. Call on the services of Ruiz Garage Door - (773) 584-5616. For any adjustments that you may require.


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